Spiritual solutions to many of life’s everyday problems. Look for us on the web: www.Etsy.com/SoniasBotanica. Follow us on Twitter: SenoraSonia@SoniasBotanica and Instagram: @Soniasbotanica Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonias-Botanica Email SoniasBotanica333@gmail.com or Call 1-917-821-8280. All are welcome!  Hablamos Espanol!

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We are a resource for all good things spiritual. We're your one-stop shop for help in addressing many of life’s problems.  So if you're looking for love & romance or need help finding work, we have something to help you meet your needs. With everything from prayers candles to novenas, herbs, oils & incenses, we offer a wide variety of folk medicines and herbal remedies for you to rid yourself of all the negativity in your life.  God’s blessings cannot be bought; it is earned through prayers and acts of faith. Learn how to protect yourself, your home and your family and improve your life. Consultations are available by phone and begin at $20 an half hour ~ Call to schedule your time (917) 821-8280. We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards over the phone. We are a Botanica you can trust. Call today for info on consultations, placing orders, mail delivery and more...peace & blessings